Here at Lake City Tattoo and Body Piercing we offer every piercing out there from a simple belly button piercing to....well...use your imagination! We also do dermals! Ofcourse everything always comes pre-sterilized and ready to pierce. Let Lake City Tattoo and Body Piercing take care of all your piercing needs! AFTER ALL WE ARE THE HOME OF THE $20 BODY PIERCING HERE IN LAKE GENEVA!


«Remember, you should ONLY clean your piercing while showering!

«Never under any circumstances use alcohol, peroxide, or ointments on your piercing.

«Wash and lather your hands with Dial antibacterial soap and warm water.  Only use Dial!  Either bar or liquid Dial will work fine.

«Be sure to clean each entrance of your piercing, front and back.  Be sure you get enough soap under the ends of the jewelry on each surface.

«With soap on your piercing, only while it is wet, rotate/spin the jewelry so the soap passes through the piercing and cleans internally.

«Be sure not to touch or irritate your piercing unless you are cleaning it while showering.

«Remember, piercings can take a long time to heal entirely.  Speak with your Lake City piercer for expected healing time with your piercing.

«Continue cleaning your piercing regularly throughout the expected healing time, and beyond.  Just because you believe your piercing is healed does not mean you should discontinue cleaning it; it may still not be fully healed!

For oral and lip piercings

«Rinse your mouth 3 times daily with an alcohol-free antiseptic.  Lake City recommends Crest Pro Health Care Rinse.

«You may use a rinse such as Listerine that contains alcohol, but dilute the rinse with equal parts water if you must do so.

«Eating ice chips will help control swelling for the first day only.

«For the first week with your oral piercing, try to stick to soft foods and do NOT drink through a straw.

Piercing Aftercare

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